Most thrilling Christmas week

I rarely celebrate Christmas apart from some parties on Christmas day in past few years back in India. Although I hangout with my friends on New Year’s eve I must say that Christmas of 2008 was totally different. It was my first experience to be part of all Christmas celebration in American tradition.

My Christmas student recess started after a very tedious fall quarter. I found student recess totally boring from beginning because I am much used to hectic schedule. I think it is because of my bad grade in CS386 and some of my friends left to India and other states in USA. Other then that I neither worked full time at IPS nor I enjoyed vacation fully. I was always somewhere between them. I have been to a few places with Andy in the last couple of weeks but still it is not that much enjoyable as opposed to what I used to do in India during vacations.

However, I am traveling a lot from last 4 – 5 days and at some extend enjoying too. I went to Andy’s home for Christmas preparation. I rushed to LAX for couple of times and it was quite a good day to receive students. As Andy always felt on his each visit to the airport, he had the urge to travel to other places and now I feel the same. We had great Gujarati, Punjabi and different Indian food during all the rush in Greater Los Angeles this week.

Apart from going out with Andy, My room mates and I have visited many places in freezing night at Los Angeles. We have been to Hollywood Highland, 3rd St Santa Monica, Mt Wilson, Downtown LA, The Americana at Glendale, Lake Avenue Church on eve of Christmas‎, Many times to Alhambra, The Grove Pacific and Farmer’s Market at Beverly Blvd and Long Beach – Rancho Palos Verdes. Among all of them most thrilling was Beverly Blvd.

The day was December 25th and one of the coldest nights at Los Angeles. We were hanging out at The Grove Pacific and Farmer’s Market, which is a good market to shop and to dine various cuisines. Everything was ok before we came to know that we missed our last bus from there to Downtown LA and fun started from that time on. We spent nearly about two hours to find an alternate bus. Somehow, we reached Downtown LA but we had no clue next Metro 76 to Marianna, which takes commuters from Downtown LA to Marianna. If you didn’t know about Downtown LA then let me tell you that it is like no man’s land after office hours. You can not find even a street dog then forget about humans. Most amazing part was that we saw all metro buses pass by but Metro 76. We called our friend to pick us up but he could not come. It was almost three hours there in waiting of Metro 76. I was a little worried because of homeless people roaming around the streets. We waited as long as we could but in the end we gave up waiting because of freezing cold and insecurity. We took a cab to get back home. Despite all the difficulties I enjoyed a lot. I sought it was better than sitting in front of laptop and chatting or watching movies.

Everyday of the week were quite good and I enjoyed a lot too. Only Wai Fun leaving was sad moment for me. I hope she will do better in life. I am looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve and attend Rose Parade. I have to prepare my self for Winter Quarter because it is going to be again a challenging one. I have to prove myself and trying to accomplish many goals.