Why is Google Chrome so fast?

Last week, I got copy of  Google Chrome OS on the first day of it’s lunch. I loaded on my Virtual Box and It did not surprise me that much! But, I guess that it will get better eventually! I was wondering that What makes Google Chrome that faster then other browser! From very long time, My personal favorite is FireFox but I have experienced that Chrome is quite faster sometimes. I found this video on one of the Chrome Blog and I thought that it is good to share.

  1. What is DNS pre-resolution, and how does it make Google Chrome even faster?
  2. Why is DNS pre-resolution difficult to do?
  3. Explain in more detail how adaptive pre-resolution works
  4. How else is DNS pre-resolution beneficial? Can it help with browser start-up time?
  5. How do we measure and benchmark the benefits of DNS pre-resolution?
  6. What’s next for DNS pre-resolution?

Engineer: Jim Roskind