It was same busy day as usual but lots of new things happened though. I should not say that I knew about my tickets; I like to put this way it was gamble. We played it and it was not successful. So, Dhaval; Don’t be disappointed and learn very old lesson again. “There is nothing like free dinner”. 😀

I worked 6 hours at IPS office today. I had encounter with lots of Desi at office. Most of them were lost and desperate to get work done, which is kind of irritating as I am desi too. I believe that desis need to learn how to be in system. I wish one day; they will learn self disciplines and how to fit into system. Jessie; I liked your explanation about packs of Indian walked into orientation. I have learnt that Divide and Conquerer always works… =))

I had class till last night and I again spend more then 1 hour to wait for 76 or 485. It was almost 52F or 50F, which is quite cold but I enjoyed it though. I was craving for Grilled Chesses Burger with organic fries so, I went to In n Out Burger after class with Pratyush. It was quite a good meal except Ice Tea blunder. 🙂

In all it was adventurous day for me… It is almost 12 and I am off the bed!!!

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