4 thoughts on “Ideas are no one's monopoly

  1. This is very important in today’s globalized world with the swift pace of life and technology. What year is this quote from?

  2. A very nice quotation cited !!

    Yes i agree idea’s are no one’s monopoly . Each individual has its own perspectives and aspects about a particular problem.

    But, what after idea’s ????
    Are we not suppose to implement them ?
    Monopoly may not come in picture when its all about ideas. But, i believe when its comes to implementation , we are bounded by certain restrictions .
    Therefore, every quotation comes with an exceptional part !!!
    I m just taking its quote one step further..!

  3. yes, i agree ideas are no one’s monopoly.

    there may be more people with same ideas, but out of them how many can dare to implement.

    so, courage to implement ideas may be some one’s monopoly.

  4. Ideas are no ones monopoly….
    It means ideas are not for an individual but it’s suitable for one who can implement it completely as his wanted to.

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